A poem

If writing about my everyday occurences was enough to strike fear into my soul and was akin to walking to the shops in the nip, well then this is like riding a bike along the motorway starkers!

Hello, I am weirdo closet poet.

When I think of a poet I think of someone in a cravat or a straw hat with daffodils on it. I imagine a poet drinks Brandy and survives on slightly stale bread. The poet lives in a Stately Home which has no roof and they drink Pimm’s on the lawn with their foreign friends. They suffer constant unrequited love and deep regret, smell slightly pissy and could do with a great big dip in the outdoor copper bath.

It was only a matter of time before I crumbled and shared one of my Brandy fuelled, written by candlelight offerings. So here it is. A poem. By me. It’s terribly deep of course, it is after all a poem and as is always the case in poetry, I can’t tell you what it’s about as then we wouldn’t have questions like…

“Judy in the Middle expresses her themes in a clear and concise manner.”

You have been asked by the local radio station to give a talk on the poetry of Judy in the Middle. Write out the text for the talk you would deliver in response to the above title. You should refer to both style and subject manner. 9,000 or more.

WHAT and WHAT? I am actually shaking.

Feel free to let me know what you think, but I shan’t care. I have companions coming for five sharp for Pimms and Brennans. Toodle – pip!


I believe in you

I dreamt a little dream,
It grew and grew and grew
I tried and tried; always denied,
To make the dream come true

Each time I took a shot,
Some little thing was wrong,
The light within steadily,
Didn’t burn so strong

I settled in a limbo place
Pattered through each day,
Yet someone saw the dying light
And asked my dream to stay

In the fading light
I thought I heard a shout,
It kept the dream alive
Kept the flame from going out

You gave the greatest gift
Bigger than you knew,
You gave me back the light
Whispered, ‘I believe in you’

I dreamt a little dream
It grew and grew and grew,
And now the dream is beaming
And it’s all because of you

To those who tell me daily
I have the power in me,
For those who read my thoughts
That I let you all see

For those who do believe
That perhaps I can reach high,
For those who lift me up
To glimpse beyond the sky

I will build upon my dream
I’ll stand up tall and proud,
Then I’ll teach mine resolution
To declare their hopes aloud

And when I’m older still
When they flee my nest,
I’ll hand the light to them
And whisper, ‘Do your best’

If I see the light flicker
Or dim in one of mine,
I’ll take my cue briskly
Try not to miss the sign

If any soul; even theirs
Tries to block that dream,
I’ll put their name upon my lips
Stand up proud and scream.

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